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Biotoxicity 2018 Price List

Acute Toxicity Testing Kits

 E.coli based Toxicity Tests (formerly Vibrio Fischeri )Kits and Products Available

Acute biotoxicity testing kitAcute Bacterail toxicity test

5032 TOXI-ChromoTest Kit (Contains all plastics and reagents) $375.00

A microplate toxicity bioassay to determine acute or chronic toxicity in water, effluents, and other liquids.  The Toxi-ChromoTestTM Kits endpoint is either partial or complete enzyme inhibition related to the toxic stress the test organism is exposed to.  Its endpoint is a simple color change that can be determined visually or using a plate reader at a wavelength of 610nm.

Acute sediment biotoxicity testing kitAcute sediment bio toxicity test

5033 Toxi-ChromoPad (Contains all plastics and reagents) $190.00

A pad toxicity bioassay to determine acute toxicity of materials found in sediments, sludge, soils, or other solid waste materials.  The Toxi-ChromoPadTMdoes not rely on the extraction of chemicals from the substrate and thus is a direct measure of biological exposure potential. It is based upon the same test organism and response as the aqueous based Toxi-ChromoTest.

 Aliivibrio fischeri Toxicity Tests (formerly Vibrio Fischeri )Kits 

vibrio fischeri iso toxicity test

Product No. 1243-1000 

The WaterTox STD (Standard) kit is packaged to provide users with a complete setup to replace traditional vibrio fischeri acute toxicity tests (Microtox® users). All required reagents and solutions are included with the kit to permit facile adoption using current detectors like the M500.

 aliivibrio fischeri toxicity test

Product No. 1243-500 

The WaterTox EVO (Evolution) is packaged as a cost effective alternative to the 1243-1000 Water Toxicity Kit. Bacterial reagents are packaged to permit less reagent waste for smaller sample numbers. The operation protocol has also been simplified to reduce pipetting steps and a salt tablet is included instead of OAS solution and sample diluent to reduce costs in shipping. Results can be interpreted by any approved ISO luminometer. 

aliivibrio fischeri kinetic toxicity test

Product No. 1243-700 

This kit is provides complete solutions for clients requiring a more accurate and robust assay system that employs the kinetic method for determining toxicity. This method accounts for sample coloration and turbidity and can be used for direct measurement of soil and sediment samples without time consuming correction procedures or filtration. Bacterial reagents are packaged to accommodate 1 entire 96-well plate. Cooling block and luminometer manufactured by Labrox is also offered to provide a complete set up. Individual replacement kit components can be purchased and reagent lease options are available for qualified clients.

 Aliivibrio fischeri  Vibrio fischeri contact toxicity test

Product No. 1243-70 

This kit includes reagent, diluent and LumoStix™ devices to conduct 20 individual measurements. Bacteria are packaged to permit 4 determinations per vial and the LumoStix™ devices are manufactures for use in the portable Kikkoman PD30 luminometer. Replacement kit components can be bought individually to meet testing requirements.

Genotoxicity Testing Kits


umu-c ISO ISO 13829 test kitumuc test ISO  ISO 13829 (Water Quality- Determination of the genotoxicity of water and waste water using the umu-test

5021 UMU-ChromoTest Kit (Contains all plastics and reagents) $375.00
5031 S9 Activation Enzymes $190.00

A microplate toxicity bioassay, EBPI has developed the UMU-CHROMOTESTTM into a simple procedure based upon the International Organization for Standardization protocol ISO 13829 (Water Quality- Determination of the genotoxicity of water and waste water using the umu-test), which can be performed easily in a non‑specialized laboratory.

SOS-ChromoTest Biotoxicity TestingSOS ChromoTest Kit

A microplate genotoxicity bioassay based on the primary response of a genetically engineered bacteria to determine DNA genotoxicity damage.  The SOS-ChromoTestTM Kit can be used to evaluate the presence of genotoxic agents in water, wastewater, sediment, air, chemicals, food, cosmetics, and  for any material that can be put into aqueous solution or micro-suspension such that it can be taken up by the test strain.

Sediment Genotoxicity Test

5034 SOS-ChromoPad (Contains plastics and reagents) $225.00

The EBPI SOS-ChromoPadTM is a modified version of the SOS-ChromoTestTM kit which uses a chromogenic pad to test for genotoxicity in sediments directly, without extraction. The SOS-ChromoPadTM is a rapid bacterial-based colorimetric bioassay kit for the determination of toxicity of sediments, suspended sediments, soils and solid wastes.


Ames Test Kits

Ames Test KitAmes Test Kit

A microplate version of the traditional "pour plate" Ames Test.  The Muta-ChromoPlateTM Kit is sensitive and user friendly. It is commonly used to detect mutagenic potential of individual chemicals or mixtures of chemicals in water, wastewater, sediment, air aqueous extracts, new chemicals, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and any other material that can be put into aqueous solution or micro-suspension, such that it can be taken up by the test strain.

 Ames ISO 384 Well Test

Ames Test ISO 384 Well Format

Product No. 6041

The Ames ISO Basic Kit is a fluctuation assay verison of the well-known “Ames Test” which uses a 48-well sample exposure format on a 384-well microplate to reduce reagent and plastic used.  The Ames ISO procedure was developed to test mutagenic materials in a variety of sources like environmental air and water samples, foods, personal care products, and industrial effluents by the fluctuation assay which is a variation of the traditional “Ames Test”.

The Ames ISO method provides researchers with a reliable test method which is facile to set up and run, amenable to samples in aqueous solution or suspension and produces an easily-detectable colorimetric endpoint after 2-3 days of incubation at 37 °C.

Ames 96 Well TestModified Ames ISO Test

Product Number 5041

The Ames ISO Basic Kit is a fluctuation assay verison of the well-known “Ames Test” which uses a 48-well sample exposure format on a 384-well microplate to reduce reagent and plastic used. This Ames test method is a modification of the Ames ISO fluctuation assay. Bacterial strains are pre-exposed to differing concentrations of the mutagenic compounds with a growth media in suspension for 100 minutes. Each dilution is run in triplicate.

The samples are then transferred, mixed with a reversion solution and plated onto a 96-well plate while using a 48-well evaluation format. The samples are incubated for 2-3 days and the number of revertant colonies (individual wells) are counted by colorimetric analysis.


E.coli Test Kits

E coli testing kitquantative e coli testing kit

5061 ColiPlate (Contains 8 tests per kit) $73.50

A convenient test for quantitative measure of total coliforms and E. Coli bacteria. The ColiPlate test is designed to meet regulatory guidelines and quantifies density of target bacteria, coliforms and E. Coli, ranging from 5 to 5,000 colony forming-units (cfu) per 100 mL sample, without dilutions.


Toxicity Tests with Ciliate Protozoans

protozoan tetrahymena thermophila bioitoxicity test


TK11 - Chronic PROTOXKIT F with Tetrahymena thermophila (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Rotifers

Rotifer rotoxkit F toxicity test for acute biotoxicity

TK21 - Acute ROTOKIT F with Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK22 - Acute ROTOKIT M with Brachionus plicatilits (estuarine/marine test - 6 tests per kit)
TK23 - Short-chronic ROTOXKIT F Brachionus calyciflorus (freshwater - 3 test per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Crustaceans

artemia toxicity test

TK31 THAMNOTOXKIT F  with Thamnocephalsu platyurus (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK32 ARTOXKIT M with Artemia franciscana (estuarine/marine tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK33 DAPHTOXKIT F magna with Daphnia magna (freshwater - 6 tests per kit)
daphnia toxicity testing tk33
TK34 DAPHTOXKIT F pulex with Daphnia pulex (freshwater tests - 6 tests per kit)
TK35 Acute CERIODAPHTOXKIT F with Ceriodaphnia dubia (freshwater - 6 test per kit)
TK36 OSTRACODTOXKIT F with Heterocypris incongruens (freshwater sediment 3-5 test per kit)
TK37 RAPIDTOXKIT with Thamnocephalus platyurus (freshwater tests - up to 45 tests per kit)


Toxicity Tests with Micro-Algae

Algaltoxkit growth inhiibtion test


TK41 ALGALTOXKIT F  with Selenastrum capricornutum (freshwater tests - 2 tests per kit)
TK42 Marine ALGALTOXKIT with Phaeodactylum tricornutum (estuarine/marine tests - 2 test per kit)

Toxicity Tests with higher Plants

Germination toxicity test phytotox


TK61 PHYTOTOXKIT with seeds of 3 higher plants (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls)
TK62 PHYTOTESTKIT with seeds of 3 higher plates (1 monocotyl & 2 dicotyls)

Biotoxicity Products

Please feel free to download the Biotoxicity product handout.  Products include EBPI's line of toxicity testing kits, MicroBioTests line of Toxkits along with information on Microbial Insights line of molecular tools.


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