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  Specializing in Biomolecular Testing kits for Toxicity, Mutagenicity, and Genotoxicity.

For over 20 years, EBPI has been a leader in the environmental biotechnology testing industry. With clients throughout the world, EBPI strives to continue its leadership in the international market. EBPI is dedicated to the development of user-friendly, analytical systems that will assist in the sustainable development of global economies. Research laboratories, environmental consultants, government, academia, human health and nature preservation organizations, municipalities, and many other industrial sectors use EBPI products and services. EBPI offers many necessary BioToxicitySM services, as well as novel BioToxicityPM products for the global market. Furthermore, we are fully capable of providing custom services, tailored to meet unique project requirements and individual client needs.  At this time we would like to welcome you to EBPI's new international website,


What's new for 2017?


EBPI has developed and launched the contact sediment test for both detection of toxicity and genotoxicity.Sediment Toxicity Test Direct Contact

The SediTox platform is based on the novel bacterial strains also used in the EBPI line of Toxi-ChromoTest, SOS-ChromoTest and the UMUChormoTest products as well as Vibrio fischeri bioluminescent bacteria.

The SediTox Kit employs a direct sediment exposure method to assess total responses from all soluble, insoluble, organic, inorganic, and volatile molecules in a given sample.


  • Rapid bacterial-based colorimetric (or bioluminescent) bioassay for acute toxicity or genotoxicity . 
  • The  assay will detect additive, synergistic and antagonistic effects in toxicant mixtures. 
  • Sensitive to a wide spectrum of toxic (genotoxic) substances. 
  • The EBPI Express SOS and UMU Strains can be utilized to detect genotoxic potential of metabilites. 
  • Detection of direct toxicity (genotoxicity) without the need for labour intensive extraction procedures.

Ames-Express Bacterial Strains:

GST T1-1 Human Recombinant Liver Enymes mutation

EBPI is proud to officially announce the release of our NEW Ames bacterial strains, called the Ames-ExpressTM strains.  Ames-ExpressTM strains are constructed from normal Ames bacterial strains (TA100, TA98, TA1535, TA97a, TA1538), but have been engineered to also express either human P450 or GST-theta liver enzymes internally, which promotes bioactivation of xenobiotic molecules into DNA reactive species in the absence of an S9 mix.  

A few of the benefits of the Ames-Express strains include:

  • Short-lived, reactive metabolites are created within the bacterial cell in close proximity to target DNA.
  • Eliminates the need to incorporate S9 liver extract.
  • Improvements in sensitivity and selectivity compared to traditional Ames assays.
  • Response suppression from interactions with S9 lysate mix is eliminated.
  • The system expresses recombinant human proteins rather than rat liver extract, which improves extrapolation of mutagenicity data to human health endpoints.

Please visit, EBPI Toxicity Test/Ames Express for further information or download our Ames Express Handout here.

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 EBPI Biotoxicity

EBPI is a biotechnology-based company specializing in the manufacture and custom application of simple, rapid, and cost effective methods for detection and monitoring of toxic, mutagenic and genotoxic materials.


EMMA Pro Software

 Environmental Monitoring Software for Biotoxicity

The Environmental Monitoring Management Application (EMMA Pro) stores environmental data in a database which allows access of the data through a geographic interface.



MicroBioTests Biotoxicity monitoring 

MicroBioTests Toxkits are higher level organism toxicity tests in a kit form which are used for the detection and quantification of the toxicity of chemicals and or solid and liquid wastes which pollute aquatic and terrestrial environments.


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